Ramirez Engineering

About Our The Ramirez Engineering Team

Ramirez Engineering is a Civil Engineering company that provides Engineering and Earth Science solutions to make life safer and better. Ramirez Engineering strives to maintain an interdisciplinary team with proficiency in a diverse array of science and engineering endeavors. Our staff is limited only by their imagination. We are building the future safe, strong structures to last generations while we preserve and breathe new life into houses in need of repair or elevation above a flood or other hazard. Ramirez Engineering provides engineered, science-based solutions and is committed to the mitigation of negative impacts on people and the Earth. Ramirez Engineering is known for its work in Flood Mitigation, retaining wall design, foundation design for structures of any type. Deep foundations, geotechnical investigations, site plans, plot plans, structural modification & modernization. We have engineered connections that have brought structures back to useful and new life. From New York City waterfront redevelopment, design for urban plaza, rooftop parks to the entire hurricane prone eastern seaboard of the USA, Ramirez Engineering is working on a sustainable future based on science, education and community.  




Richard P. Ramirez, P.E. started his first company, Professional Development Services (PDS), in 1989. That company grew to a staff of 38 full-time individuals. During that time Mr. Ramirez prepared plans for Pine Barrens Golf Course in Jackson Township, Renaissance Retirement Community in Manchester Township and Westgate in Lakewood Township. Mr. Ramirez sold his interest in PDS.  In February 2006, Ramirez Engineering was started. Now Ramirez Engineering maintains a staff of 12-15 and is in growth mode. 


Ramirez Engineering had developed a specialty designing retaining walls and other Civil Engineering projects. In October of 2012, we responded to the call of Superstorm Sandy and the need to repair what was devastated by the storm. We grew production to 35 + lift plans per week to satisfy the New York City Build It Back Program and the Restoration of the Jersey Shore. We served over 2,000 Hurricane Sandy Storm victims and in doing so created a company adept at construction engineering, developed industry wide contacts, became a founding member of the Flood Mitigation Industry Association, and now actively promote Flood Mitigation education.  We are licensed in 17 States. We not only continue our retaining wall work but have become noted for it and developed that aspect of our business to a specialty level. Our structural connection work has also advance to a specialty level with new rooftop parks and plazas in New York City having our hand on a wide array of projects.




We are a team consisting of diverse individuals from opposite sides of the world. Starting late 2021 we commenced hiring virtual employees from the Philippines. We now have 8 Filipino Professionals. While engineering and applied sciences are integral aspects to our learning experience, we have also developed an understanding for different cultures. 


Advantages of this Organizational Structure are the 13-hour time difference between the teammates and the multidisciplinary individuals that we have, everyone in the company can do a minimum of two jobs. The time difference can be an advantage because work that we would be able to delegate in the evening would be assigned and completed by morning. The interactive nature of the Team allows for efficient use of manpower and cross pollination of ideas. 


With our new Organizational Structure, we are better positioned to achieve excellent increased efficiencies and in fact are seeing that now. Under our prior organizational structure an incoming job would be put in cue to be assessed in a day or two and then action take. Now, we move that process up to real time and the incoming job gets sent to Our Team for action.                                                                                                  


The USA just passed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. The White House calls the Law A once in a generation investment in our nation’s infrastructure. The Ramirez Engineering Team has sound experience in the application of engineering principles and possesses technical expertise. 




Ramirez Engineering has a diverse clientele. The expertise of our staff allows Ramirez Engineering to provide consulting, analysis, design and permitting services for a broad spectrum of Civil Engineering projects. Our knowledge of material mechanics and experience in the practice of engineering allows us to efficiently and effectively solve problems to keep projects moving forward safely in sustainable form. Understanding building codes and regulations, we make critical decisions on project direction and composition, and we satisfy our client’s requirements for effective engineering and timely designs. 


Our Market includes: 

  • Contractors
  • Developers
  • Architects
  • Homeowners
  • Regulatory Agencies


Areas of concentration include:

  • Retaining Walls – complex, multi-tiered global stability and seismic design
  • Flood Mitigation Services – structural moving and elevations, flood proofing. 
  • Coastal Engineering 
  • Foundation Design – Geotechnical Analysis & Engineering
  • Structural Steel Design – beams, columns, connections, modifications
  • Site Plan Development
  • Professional Land Surveying Services
  • Flood Elevation Certificates
  • Architectural Remodeling/Structural
  • Structural Failure Analysis
  • Zoning and Land Use Applications